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Updated 12/31/06

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Update 12/31/06
Floor heating on and working fine. Also, the insulation has been installed. Mom came to visit and got to check out the "garage-majal" as well.

Update 12/4/06
Lift columns have been stood up and bolted to the floor. Still need to finish the installation of both the lift and the floor heating circulation system.

Update 11/18/06
Barn raising was a tremendous success. Thanks to all who helped. Pics (including a group shot) on the page here. Volunteers included: Rich Wilson, Christian, Don Lindsey, Mike Walsh, Jim McCoy, Joe Kapsch, Scott Ajac, Rick Merkle, Bob McVicker, Max Herrington, Jackson. Plus, many others that loaned trucks, trailers, and other assistance both before and after the event. The "after-work" cookout began at 11:30am.

After years of working on his cars in the driveway outdoors, Pat is finally getting a dream come true garage. Of course, Katie gets back the existing garage, and attic storage which has been taken up with the greasy, rusty treasures of generations of Buicks.

We have purchased a 2 acre property located about 7 miles from our home. It has a cute 2 Bedroom home and included a detached garage with electric service plus hot and cold running water. We plan to keep living where we are, for now. In fact, the house is already rented and occupied.

In order to accomodate all the cars, car tools, woodworking tools etc. we have planned and built a 38 x 40 foot addition to the garage. Here is a PDF showing the end result we are working towards. We used a general contractor to do the outside, most of the electric and some of the plumbing. Click here to see how the lot looks from the birds-eye-view!

For those that really get into the engineering stuff one, two and three are PDFs of the actual engineering drawings.