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6/7/07 - Mike graduates from C.E. Jordan H.S. See the photos here.

1/13/07 - Joe makes the Dean's list in his first semester at NCSU. Also, he purchased his first car. We found a low milage Riviera up in Baltimore and Dad and Joe flew up there and drove it home. Car photos here.

11/18/06 - "Barn-Raising" event moves all the tools and auto parts into the new shop. Details here.

11/8/06 - Mike's artwork honored by Durham Public Schools. Mike was one of four students whose art was selected for display at the DPS offices in downtown Durham. In addition to the display and recognition certificate, the piece will also be entered in the Scholastic National award competition. Photos here.

10/24/06 - Garage exterior finished. Contractor has turned the project over to Pat for finishing the interior

9/21/06 - Katie is offered (and accepts) permanent full time job at UNC Campus Health. After 7+ years of per-diem employment UNC finally saw the light and locked Katie in as a real employee. Since May 06 they have been quite short of staff. She had been getting about 40 hours every week under the per-diem role, but now it is official. The biggest change is that she will now qualify for employee benefits, which we have not had since 2004. So no more private pay health insurance.

8/25/06 - School's back in session. Joe and Mike have both resumed classes. Mike is a senior at Jordan HS. It should be a very exciting year for him between learning to drive, looking at colleges and keeping up with his studies. Joe started his first semester as a transfer student at NC State. He is living in a very nice "just off campus" apartment with three other students.

6/27/06 - Joe gains admission to NCSU. Joe spent much of the last year working through the requirements to transfer into the Business school at NC State. Last semester he attended Durham Tech, making the President's list with 4 As and 1 B. At the 11th hour he was denied admission based on a non-compatible math class. To his credit he challenged that decision and upon review the math faculty agreed that the class was adequate.

6/25/06 - Katie and Pat had a wonderful cruise vacation to Alaska's Inside Passage. We went on a Hemmings Motor News sponsored trip on the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas. Our good friends the Boyd's went too and we shared many memories that will last a lifetime. The photos include many shots from the cruise taken by both families. Afterward we remained in Seattle, WA to see Katie's old nursing buddies, Maddy and Bob. And if the vacation was not rewarding enough, the boys did a marvelous job of taking care of the house and dog while we were gone. All told it was a fantastic 10 days.